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avatar for James Cuff

James Cuff

Harvard University
Assistant Dean for Research Computing
avatar for Justin Riley

Justin Riley

FAS Research Computing - Harvard University
Team Lead of Software Infrastructure
avatar for Jack Wadden

Jack Wadden

Akamai Technologies, Inc
Sr. Engineering Manager
avatar for Alfonso Aurelio Carrillo Aspiazu

Alfonso Aurelio Carrillo Aspiazu

Telefónica I+D
Arquitecto Jefe
avatar for Ignacio M. Llorente

Ignacio M. Llorente

OpenNebula Systems
Project Manager
avatar for Ruben S. Montero

Ruben S. Montero

OpenNebula Systems
Chief Architect


avatar for Constantino Vázquez Blanco

Constantino Vázquez Blanco

OpenNebula Systems
VP of Engineering
avatar for Javier Fontan

Javier Fontan

OpenNebula Systems
Advanced Solutions Engineer
avatar for Jordi Guijarro

Jordi Guijarro

Cloud infrastructure & Security Manager
avatar for Roy Keene

Roy Keene

Knight Point Systems
Systems Architect
avatar for Jaime Melis

Jaime Melis

opennebula systems
avatar for Hayley Swimelar

Hayley Swimelar